Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Love you like a love song / I just want to move on

buat kamu kamu kamu dan kamu yg lagi labil2 nya susahhhh banget buat move on haha galau cyiiiin~~
baca dan cari lagu nyaaa. awas nangis..

girl, the time has come
every beautiful things that we've done
is no longer the sweetest one
this relationship can't go on and on, its the finish line
you are memories, like a dream but i don't want to keep
when i remember you i can't go to sleep
this is killin' me, yeah
and i want you to know baby

i just wanna move on baby
i just wanna move on baby
i just wanna move on baby
and i keep hittin' repeat

constantly, girl you played through my mind like a symphony
theres no way to describe what you do to me, you just do to me
what you do
i can't get you out of my head, my mind
even my soul and my heart
you are magical lyrical, beautiful, you are
but i want you to know baby

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